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Dissertation Literature Review

    Chapter II, the Dissertation Review of Literature (a.k.a. a Lit Review) is the scholarly core of your dissertation.  We say "scholarly" because it is in this chapter that all the written, published works that document the hypothesis made in the dissertation, and illustrate the need for your research, are listed and described.  These are in most cases recent peer-reviewed journal articles from the scholarly journals.  There are also some instances in which books, monographs or other sources may be appropriate as part of your theoretical framework.

You should not attempt to assemble the elements of Chapter I, or the Proposal, without first completing an in-depth dissertation literature review. Not following this rule will lead to failure!

A dissertation review of literature is NOT a summary or an abstract of articles. It IS an analysis and synthesis of the source materials, written in a specific style which flows from broad to narrow, and takes into account both the theoretical and empirical issues.

Dissertation Review of Literature Services

DISSERTATIONS.COM offers all of the services listed below for preparation of your Literature Review.

We will do the following:

  • Identify and retrieve the FULL TEXT of each journal article or other source used in your lit review.  Abstracts or summaries are not sufficient for a dissertation because they do not provide the decision-making detail needed.
  • Locate, then retrieve, and make copies for you of the source materials, both theoretical and empirical, which are appropriate for your dissertation topic, hypotheses/questions, and variables.
  • Retrieve and copy the source materials as needed for your topic, hypotheses/questions, and your variables.
  • Identify and review the current information in your field.
  • Describe and cross-reference the pertinent current information to your topic.
  • Assemble the full dissertation literature review around your hypotheses, questions, and variables.

If you have already done the literature review for a dissertation, we can examine it, then edit, revise, or enhance your document as needed to achieve the proper focus of research gap and/or alignment required for a successful dissertation.

For more information about our Dissertation Review of Literature help and consultant service, please contact us online using our Inquiry Form, or call us at 1-908-458-3795.

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  • "Hi Diane: Just a note to say thank you for the help in the completion of my proposal. Both my adviser and the reader gave me "two thumbs up." They especially liked the Literature Review, and described same as being almost perfect. Thanks again!"   D.F.

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