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Most dissertation candidates submit a pre-proposal or concept paper to their advisor prior to starting work on writing a dissertation proposal.  There are many reasons for this, the first of which are university requirements.  A university can specifiy many different dissertation proposal writing requirements, and you must find out from your university which to use.

In some cases, the Proposal is simply Chapter I. In others, the Proposal consists of the first three chapters of the dissertation. Whatever the requirement, the most common reason for struggling with the dissertation is failure to do a complete literature review first. Many dissertation candidates end up leaving their programs because they attempt to write their Proposal without first collecting and reading the source materials, and then organizing materials into a Review of Literature.

You cannot write a proposal "off the top of your head", and if you try, you will fail.

Dissertation Proposal Writing

We offer the following services to help you with writing a concept paper or proposal:

  • Identify, retrieve, and make copies of the source materials.
  • Write your Review of Literature.
  • We can help you in the writing of the Dissertation Proposal, after you decided your topic and hypotheses.
  • If you need assistance in topic selection or dealing with other dissertation management issues, we offer our Dissertation Coach and Consultant Services.

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  • "My dissertation advisor rejected every single Proposal, and I could never figure out what she wanted. The review of Literature you did for me and the ideas you gave me for dealing with her got my Dissertation Proposal accepted, and I'll be starting data collection this week."  Frank J.

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