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Writer's block?  Don't know where to start?  Would you like to know HOW the professionals get started? How they begin writing a dissertation, i.e., getting that first sentence down on paper?

The most important writing task that must be done before anything else is to select a good topic. Do not forget that you will be investing a significant amount of time and effort into writing a dissertation. The topic of your dissertation will be with you the rest of your life, and will be used by others to measure your expertise in many ways. This will affect the way others regard your knowledge base, impacting your earnings capability, career options, and many other things over your entire career. It would be wise to select a dissertation topic that can help you in as many ways as possible. Once a topic is selected the tasks listed below will make things fall into place.

TIP #1:    Look at Samples. You can't write a section of Chapter I such as the Problem Statement if you don't know what a Problem Statement is, or what goes into it.

TIP #2:    Start with an Basic Outline, do not try to go any further than an outline. Based on the samples youhave reviewed just throw what you feel the main sections should be down on paper in writing.

TIP #3:    When Writing a Dissertation it is best to do the writing in incremental layers. Do not try to do it all at once, since revising it will become a distraction. Starting with your outline (see Tip #2), then just write doen the main ideas as rapidly as possible. These sentences can be crude initially, the key thing is to do the writing as quickly as possible. Once you have some outline sections roughed in you can come back and do a second interation, this time filling in the gaps. You may want to have several more interations, with more and more gaps being filled in with each one. The last interation would be actually filling in citations.

TIP #4:    Just get it down on Paper, do not worry about editing, you can do that later. The key goal is to just keep writing, moving forward closer to the goal of being done. The first time on writing a dissertation your writing does not have to be perfect. Do NOT stop, do NOT backspace to correct or revise. Just make sure that you get the words down first, and then at a later point in time go back and refine where necessary.

TIP #5:    Save, Save, Save. You must always save your work and back it up on a CD, or zip drive. Also when you finished with a section print it out so you can see what your dissertation looks like.

TIP #6:    Writing the Sections of your dissertation OUT of ORDER is OK, actually, it the BEST way. Research can be so fluid and unpredictable that the middle sections are likely to change a great deal over the course of the project. The problem is that when they change the Introduction and Conclusion may also need to be changed, and it all becomes a big mess. So focus on writing the middle sections, then the conclusion and introduction, with the abstract last!


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