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We offer  a full range of services to assist you in the completion of your dissertation!

Review of Literature:   (the key!)

  • We will perform a search on your specific topic and identify, retrieve and make copies for you of journal articles and other source materials.
  • We will custom write your Review of Literature, including both theoretical framework and empirical studies.
  • We will edit, rewrite, revise and re-conceptualize your Literature Review.

Dissertation Proposal:   (avoid failure!)

  • We provide services that support all standard formats, including APA and MLA.
  • We will research, draft, edit, revise, rewrite and/or augment your proposal.

Consulting & Coaching:   (receive helpful guidance!)

  • We provide In-depth, personalized coaching, consulting, tutoring, and writing services for clients trying to finish a dissertation successfully, all based on our proven dissertation research and writing processes.
  • You will receive professional guidance over the entire dissertation process, from topic selection to completion of a dissertation

Other Dissertation Services:

  • Identify, retrieve and copy source materials.
  • Search for and obtain books.
  • Compile bibliographies and annotated bibliographies; write summaries and abstracts of journal articles.
  • Edit full or partial manuscripts.
  • Provide dissertation management, counseling, coaching and mentoring services.

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  • You all are the best ever. Thank you so much. I will definitely be using your dissertation writing and editing services all the way to the finish and will be recommending you. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you soooo... much. You are the best ever. I am so happy I could cry. Thank you again.

  • "I estimate that by using your writing services I cut a year off the dissertation process. Thank you!" Walter S.

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